Legislative Update by Rep. Dennis Keene March 6, 2017

Through a series of extreme parliamentary maneuvers that kept teachers and other interested Kentuckians from effectively voicing their concerns, the House Majority forced a vote on the “charter schools” bill Friday in an early morning committee meeting, before rushing the measure to the House floor where it passed on a 56-39 vote. House Bill 520… Continue Reading

Legislative Update from Rep. Dennis Keene February 27, 2017

We passed the half-way point of our 30-day session this week and accrued some historic stats along the way. A combined total of 793 bills were filed in the House and Senate this year. That’s the second-highest amount for an odd-year regular session and just two bills shy of the 795 bills filed in 2007.… Continue Reading

 Legislative Update from Representative Dennis Keene February 20, 2017

Frankfort, KY–Democracy in action is often a crowded affair, as the waiting rooms and hallways of the Capitol and Capitol Annex overflowed this past week with large groups of Kentuckians traveling to Frankfort to make their voices heard on key issues important to their cause. I had meetings last week with librarians, social workers, physician… Continue Reading

Legislative Update from Representative Dennis Keene February 13, 2017

  Frankfort, KY— I joined my fellow lawmakers back in Frankfort last week as we reconvened the 2017 session of the Kentucky General Assembly after a near month-long break following our brief, but rushed, organizational session in early January. I was proud to join our Democratic Caucus in the House on Thursday in unveiling a… Continue Reading

Representative Dennis Keene Legislative Update January 9, 2017

By State Representative Dennis Keene During the first few days of the 2017 legislative session in the Kentucky General Assembly, I fought hard d to protect the interests of Kentucky’s working families against a rising tide of wealthy corporate interests, but in the end, our best efforts were blocked by the new ruling majority in… Continue Reading

Legislative Update from Rep. Dennis Keene April 1, 2016

The Kentucky General Assembly met this Friday in its 59th day, and with one day to spare in our 60-day session, efforts to reach compromise on the state’s next two-year budget plan have stalled. House and Senate members of the conference committee met for many hours over several days, yet in the end, the House… Continue Reading

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