Keeping Transparency at the Center of Campaign Finance

  By Representative Dennis Keene—All fifty states regulate the way money is raised and spent in campaigns, and in Kentucky the Registry of Election Finance is the agency charged with enforcing our state’s regulations and statutes.  Running for office is expensive; it can cost upward of $50,000 to run a competitive House race in today’s… Continue Reading

Representative Dennis Keene’s View on Budget Impasse

“The bottom line is that when states cut education it results in a tax on families and weakens our economy” Frankfort, KY—We are in the final days of the legislative session and despite committee hearings, expert testimony, data and charts, The General Assembly is once again deadlocked on finalizing and passing a budget.  When the… Continue Reading

Legislative Update from Rep. Dennis Keene March 25, 2016

Legislative Update from Rep. Dennis Keene March 25, 2016

We’re in the homestretch of the 2016 session of the Kentucky General Assembly with just a handful of days to go, but as all good horse-racing fans know, the last quarter mile can often seem the longest and most difficult. The process is working as expected, though, as members appointed by senior leadership in both… Continue Reading

Representative Dennis Keene Secures Critical Infrastructure Dollars for Campbell County Cities

$4 million secured in House transportation budget for road projects  Frankfort, KY—Representative Dennis Keene (D-Wilder) has secured $4 million in funds for projects in the House transportation budget that was passed earlier this week. “These transportation funds are critical to our cities as they work to fund important infrastructure projects in the next two years,”… Continue Reading

Rep. Keene Strongly Supported Tough DUI Legislation Passed by House This Week

Having nearly lost his daughter Kelly in a drunk driving crash, yesterday Rep. Dennis Keene voted for Senate Bill 56, sponsored by Senator Dennis Parrett and Rep. Kelly Flood, to keep repeat drunk driving offenders off of Kentucky’s highways. The House of Representatives passed the legislation to extend look-back period for DUI convictions. Current law… Continue Reading

Legislative Update from Rep. Dennis Keene March 18, 2016

Legislative Update from Rep. Dennis Keene March 18, 2016

We accomplished our chief responsibility as House members this week by approving a fiscally responsible budget plan that invests heavily in education, fully funds pensions for retired teachers and state employees, creates the largest “rainy day fund” in the Commonwealth’s history, and has less debt than Gov. Bevin’s budget proposal. From preschool to college, we… Continue Reading

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