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Bill Could Cut Costs for Cities

Bill Could Cut Costs for Cities

Efficient government and savings for the taxpayers are driving Representative Dennis Keene (D-Wilder) to co-sponsor legislation known as Kentucky House Bill 150.  HB 150 will allow merged city entities the ability to purchase health insurance from an outside source while keeping their state pension account in tact.  Currently, local government police and fire departments that have merged are prohibited from purchasing health insurance from outside sources in order to remain in the Kentucky Retirement System (KRS).

“We need to constantly look at more efficient ways to run government,” said Representative Dennis Keene.  “Especially now while the economy is struggling, if there are more affordable ways to purchase health insurance for our first responders, then state government shouldn’t stand in the way.”

The bill will affect at least two Campbell County cities that merged their police departments.  The cities of Highland Heights and Southgate merged their police departments in 2008 to form the Highland Heights Southgate Police Authority.  “The passage of this bill will help Highland Heights and Southgate save the taxpayers money and might help open the door to other city services being merged,” added Keene.

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