Representative Dennis Keene Signs on as Co-Sponsor of Kentucky’s Caylee’s Law

Law to strengthen protections for missing children

Wilder, KY:  State Representative Dennis Keene (D) has signed on as a co-sponsor of pre-filed 2012 legislation that will be known as “Caylee’s Law.”  Representative Richard Henderson of Jeffersonville, Kentucky pre-filed legislation last week to provide prosecutors with a law that will make it a felony if an adult fails to report that a young child is missing more than 12 hours.

“The world was shocked when a jury in Florida recently set free a women who did not report her missing child for 31 days,” said Rep. Keene.  “This is the beginning of opening up a discussion about how we can better protect young children.”

Keene expects there will be hearings and testimony during the upcoming legislative session to determine the details of the legislation.  Summary of a new section to be added to KRS Chapter 17 reads as follows:

“A parent, guardian, or person exercising custody or control of a child who is twelve (12) years of age or younger shall report to the local law enforcement agency, Department of Kentucky State Police, or 911 public safety answering point when the child is missing within twelve (12) hours of the time the child is discovered to have been missing.”

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