Working for our District during the Veto Period

Working for our District during the Veto Period

The General Assembly is in recess until Thursday, April 12, 2012 which is the official Veto Period, which allows the Governor the time to review all legislation and budget and provides him with the ability to veto items with which he disagrees.

During this Veto Period, I’ve been busy in Frankfort working for our District.

Beginning last Wednesday afternoon,, I met with legislative staff to tie up several loose ends.   On Thursday, beginning at 8:00 a.m., I met with my office staff to go through correspondence and finish up other business.  Then, I met with Don Pasley, Commissioner of Rural and Municipal Roads, where I believe I found some great opportunities for our district.  Thursday afternoon I met with the head of Homeland Security, Gene Kiser.  We talked about needs for the Wilder and Southgate Fire Departments.

I worked in Frankfort through Friday to finish up.  I will also meet with Jonathan Gassett of the Fish and Wildlife Department to discuss a project for our area.  Even though most legislators are back home in their districts, it was good time to get work done and I found it easier to talk to the Commissioners of the Departments while fewer people were here.  I have completed several legislative matters that will benefit all the people of the 67th district.