Interim Committee Report

At the June 8th meeting of the the Licensing and Occupations Committee, we heard testimony from Alltech founder and President Pearse Lyons on the phenomenal sales growth of the Kentucky Ale line of products.  Alltech has applied for a license to increase their microbrewery in Lexington to a full scale brewery.  Alltech requested consideration of legislation to allow breweries to have the same type of souvenir retail license that is currently available to distilleries as a way to promote tourism at the Alltech brewery in Lexington.  The committee also heard from Marty Snyder with the Distilled Spirits Epicenter in Louisville.  Mr. Snyder informed the committee about his business, which is drawing people from around the nation who want to learn about the art and science of distilling.  Mr. Snyder said his business includes classroom instruction on distilling, as well as providing distilling and bottling equipment that may be used by small scale distillers seeking to get their business started.  The committee also heard from representatives of the Kentucky Home Inspectors Board on a proposed new regulation, 815 KAR 6:070.  The regulation would have increased the per diem for board members from $35 per day to $100 per day.  The committee voted to disapprove the regulation.

Representative Dennis Keene is Chairman of the House Licensing & Occupations Committee.

Paid for by Dennis Keene for State Representative Campaign
LRC photos courtesy of LRC Public Information