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Rep. Dennis Keene Awards Citation to Local Hero

Rep. Dennis Keene Awards Citation to Local Hero

Keene aquarium group shotOn Thursday, May 15th, Representative Dennis Keene presented a legislative citation honoring the quick action and bravery of Newport Aquarium employee Alison Ruebusch.  On the same day in January, Alison helped save the lives of two individuals.  She assisted in performing CPR on a man who collapsed at the Newport Aquarium and later that same day, she helped a woman who had collapsed at a Target store.

Alison went far above the call of duty when she helped save the lives of two people.  Alison teaches rescue classes, so she knows all too well how important it is to be prepared and level-headed at times of emergency.  Without her contributions on that day in January, the outcome of two individuals might have been much different.

“On behalf of the Kentucky House of Representatives, I honor Alison Ruebusch, as she stands as a symbol of the good work that the Newport Aquarium’s staff does every day,” said Dennis Keene.  “Thank you Alison.”


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