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Rep. Dennis Keene Endorsed by Kentucky’s Teachers

Rep. Dennis Keene Endorsed by Kentucky’s Teachers

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Putting their faith once again in Representative Dennis Keene, Kentucky teachers’ political action committee, KEPAC, has endorsed Representative Keene in the 2018 General Election. “The Kentucky Educators’ Political Action Committee has endorsed Rep.Dennis Keene for his stated commitment and efforts on behalf of the thousands of children and school employees in Kentucky’s public schools,” said Terry Poindexter, KEPAC Chair.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement and support of Kentucky’s public school teachers and employees,” said Rep. Dennis Keene. “Public education is under attack and I will continue to fight for the funding and support for our schoolchildren and their teachers.”

Kentucky Public School Facts

173 school districts
1,220 public schools
42,000+ public school teachers
8,842 certified public school employees
656,588 public school students
89.7% state graduation rate
9,822 public school buses (many used to serve parochial school students)
10,075 school bus drivers

Career and technical schools
Locally operated – 22
State operated – 53

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