Representative Dennis Keene Pre-Files Game-Changing Bill to Create Drug Addiction Funding Committee

Erlanger, KY—Representative Dennis Keene announced pre-filed legislation recommended by Attorney General Andy Beshear to create a drug addiction committee that will oversee spending of funds received as a result of pharmaceutical lawsuits, at a press conference today at the Grateful Life Treatment Center.  Democratic House Caucus Chairman Keene announced that the legislation requires funds recovered by the Commonwealth from lawsuits, fines or settlements related to the drug epidemic to only be spent addressing the needs of Kentucky’s drug prevention educators, law enforcement and treatment providers.

“Kentucky’s war on drugs is a top priority for the General Assembly, transcending party lines; we’re all in this together,” said Representative Dennis Keene. “The committee will include a bipartisan appointed group to administer the funding received as a result of lawsuits filed and won by Attorney General Beshear. This is a tremendous opportunity to make inroads in the war against drug abuse and addiction, and most importantly—prevention.”

“By holding opioid manufacturers or distributors accountable, the Commonwealth could realize ‘game-changing’ funding that must not be lost to other causes or subjects,” said Attorney General Andy Beshear. “We must leave no question that these desperately needed funds go directly to those in crisis and on the front-lines.”

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LRC photos courtesy of LRC Public Information