Rep. Dennis Keene Frankfort Update: A vote against gutting the state workers and teachers health insurance fund

Rep. Dennis Keene Frankfort Update: A vote against gutting the state workers and teachers health insurance fund

FRANKFORT –Last evening the House voted on the two-part budget bill. I voted against the revenue portion of the bill because it guts the state workers health insurance fund, removing $480,000 million from the savings pool, paid by state workers and teachers.  The revenue bill also included tax increases and if we are going to raise… Continue Reading

Legislative News from Frankfort by Rep. Dennis Keene February 26, 2018

FRANKFORT – Although it wasn’t his intention, Governor Bevin’s plan to radically change Kentucky’s public retirement systems has sparked a textbook example of democracy in action. Since he and other legislative leaders presented a framework of ideas last fall, there have been dozens of public forums, hundreds of people crowding the Capitol’s hallways and thousands of… Continue Reading

News from the KY House of Representatives from Rep. Dennis Keene February 12, 2018

As a bill, the state budget isn’t particularly long, but it’s not a quick read, either, with blocks of text periodically broken up by rows of numbers. At the same time, there is no more important legislation before the General Assembly than this 150-page document.  Over the next two fiscal years, those blocks of text… Continue Reading

Legislative News from the General Assembly February 5, 2018

FRANKFORT – The one thing a legislative session guarantees is that no two days are alike.  My House colleagues and I may spend an hour or more debating a bill that could have a profound impact on education or public safety, and then pivot to discuss another important to farming. Since some bills move through the… Continue Reading

A Legislative Perspective on the Kentucky General Assembly with State Representative Dennis Keene January 29, 2018

  FRANKFORT – In ways large and small, illegal drug use touches all of us.  It steals the future of those addicted, it tears at the lives of their loved ones, it fills our prisons beyond capacity, it strains local and state government budgets, it overwhelms first responders and substance-abuse treatment programs and it keeps businesses… Continue Reading

Representative Dennis Keene Files Bill to Create Drug Addiction Funding Committee

Frankfort, KY—Announced at a press conference held today in the Kentucky Capitol, Democratic House Caucus Chairman, Representative Dennis Keene filed legislation recommended by Attorney General Andy Beshear to create a drug addiction committee that will oversee spending of funds received as a result of pharmaceutical lawsuits. The Kentucky addiction prevention, recovery and enforcement fund shall… Continue Reading

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