Representative Dennis Keene Pre-Files Game-Changing Bill to Create Drug Addiction Funding Committee

Erlanger, KY—Representative Dennis Keene announced pre-filed legislation recommended by Attorney General Andy Beshear to create a drug addiction committee that will oversee spending of funds received as a result of pharmaceutical lawsuits, at a press conference today at the Grateful Life Treatment Center.  Democratic House Caucus Chairman Keene announced that the legislation requires funds recovered… Continue Reading

The Classroom Professional Is Above All the Most Important Indicator for Student Success

By Representative Dennis Keene Frankfort, KY—When the Bevin administration removed the master’s degree (Rank II) requirement for Kentucky’s teachers within the first ten years of their teaching career, it took one more swipe at professional standards with regard to Kentucky’s teachers and public schools. The requirement that our teachers receive advanced degrees was a significant… Continue Reading

Kentucky’s Families Take a Financial Hit 41 Ways

By Representative Dennis Keene Back in May I wrote an editorial about the unintended consequences of House Bills 487 and its companion HB 366 which raised taxes upon the citizens of the Commonwealth. At the time we did not know the full scope of the legislation and the impact upon the citizens because there was… Continue Reading

Keeping our promise to Kentucky’s teachers

By Representative Dennis Keene – When teachers are hired in Kentucky, through an inviolable contract, they are guaranteed a pension benefit to last throughout their retirement years. In a last-minute, highjacked sewer bill, pension legislation was pushed through by the majority without anyone else, most importantly teachers, setting eyes on it. Among the devastating items in… Continue Reading

Rep. Dennis Keene Endorsed by Kentucky’s Teachers

Putting their faith once again in Representative Dennis Keene, Kentucky teachers’ political action committee, KEPAC, has endorsed Representative Keene in the 2018 General Election. “The Kentucky Educators’ Political Action Committee has endorsed Rep.Dennis Keene for his stated commitment and efforts on behalf of the thousands of children and school employees in Kentucky’s public schools,” said… Continue Reading

State Rep. Dennis Keene to pre-file legislation exempting non-profits from changes in new tax law

FRANKFORT, KY- After hearing numerous complaints from non-profit organizations upset with the impact the state’s new tax changes will have on them, state Rep. Dennis Keene said today he will pre-file legislation that would exempt non-profits from the legislation’s provisions that will take effect July 1, 2018. “This law, which was written in secret and… Continue Reading

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