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Transparency Pledge

Transparency Pledge


The responsibility of making government more transparent, begins with each individual.  I pledge to support and sponsor legislation that holds government accountable and transparent to the public.

I take it a step further with my personal transparency pledge.  While the General Assembly is in session, I am committed to providing open, transparent government to the citizens of the 67th District.  As part of my commitment to providing more sunlight and better communication with my constituents, I will be sharing my daily activities and meetings with individuals, organizations and groups in Frankfort with the citizens back home.

My pledge to you is to provide open access to my activities and legislation that I am working on while the General Assembly is in session.

You can follow along with my open communication right here on my website, and I will be using social media, Facebook and Twitter to post updates to my schedule and about legislation I am sponsoring.  I hope you will follow along so that you will be informed as to the happenings in Frankfort and how your elected representative is spending time on your behalf.

Thank you,

Representative Dennis Keene